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San Francisco Film Award Winners: April 2015

The San Francisco Film Awards are excited to present our April 2015 award winners.   We screened exceptional films from around the world and our winners are celebrated in three levels of awards: Best of Show, Award of Excellence and Award of Merit.  Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded as Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit or no award.
Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry for each season. Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional filmmaking. Notable artistic and technical productions are recognized at the Award of Merit award level. No fixed number of awards are granted at any level but rather fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Best in Show:

To Kill or Not to Kill (4:22) Alvaro Ron - USA
A truly dangerous comedy with a wicked plot twist.  Linda Horowitz, a hopeless romantic screenwriter, is about to lose her job unless she delivers a thriller script to her agent. She sits down and starts writing. Shot in a Cinema Verite style during a rock ’n roll concert and featuring one of the most famous Spanish comedic actors of all times: Oscar Ladoire. The film is inspired by the Nouvelle Vague and uses a well known theme by Erik Satie as it's score.

Short Film

Award of Excellence:

Change (7:02) Rajendra Vinod - India
Praveen's life is full of routine works. But, over the course of life, his life has changed. He became aware of the duality between change and routine ,Also he saw routine and change in nature and the world around him. Finally, he came to know that one cannot exist without the other. Then he started dissolving the duality between change and routine in his life by just becoming the spectator of everything.

Honorable Mention:

Kin (12:30) Katie Lemon - USA
Two brothers confront their family's past and each other on the last day of owning their childhood home.


Award of Excellence:

Gentle Giant (1:00:28) Gina Sealy - USA
Andre Rodgers played eleven seasons in MLB for the New York and San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rodgers was a gentle giant and a quiet individual whose legacy has now spoken loudly.


Until the End Amir (40) Roy Zafrani - Israel
Amir had the perfect life: A lovely wife, a little boy, family and friends. In one moment, everything changed forever. Amir was killed in a terrorist attack in Bulgaria, while arriving on vacation with his wife, Natalie. Beyond the sad personal story, the film describes the devastating consequences of terror.

Science Fiction 

Award of Excellence:

Star System (1:20:33) Tiziano Paltrinieri - Italy
Celebrity couple Adam Novi and Emma Ricci is expecting their first child. One day Emma is abducted by two aliens, landed on Planet Earth to find a cure to the plague threatening their race. But their attempt fails when Emma is rescued by a Special Team of soldiers and scientists, rushed to the area to hunt the aliens after intercepting their spacecraft. Adam wants to take Emma away and see a doctor. But fearing that Emma could have been infected, the Captain in charge of the mission wouldn’t let them go. Even though Adam is against the plan of the Captain, he has no choice but to follow a Rescue Team led by Sarah Stefani who is plotting a secret revenge against the Captain.

Disability Issues 

Award of Excellence:

Angel's Reach () Al Germani - USA
Angel's Reach by filmmaker Al Germani is a Documentary Short Film that shares and celebrates 14 year old Julianne Martins' difficult, demanding, yet inspirational journey integrating her love of dance, her love of life and the challenge of cerebral palsy.


 Student Filmmaker

Award of Excellence:

Spoilers The Movie (1:30:00) Connor Williams - USA
High School--the crossroads of American adolescence. Five teenagers intersect during a day of court-appointed community service. The empty summer halls of their high school are ground zero for conflict, camaraderie, and collective soul searching. At an age when discovering who you are can be difficult, and knowing who you aren’t can be deceptive. The students: Jared was born to rebel, or was he raised to; Sara walks the fine line between woman- and childhood; Aisha walks the fine line between foolish and fearless; Peter finds out firsthand, words and actions have consequences; and Tristan, the young one, has already been branded a killer. These five lives collide, all before breakfast.

Award of Merit:

#RIP (14:18) Kevin Machate - USA
Lydia Walters was a beloved actress that died suddenly, leaving all of her 'friends' potentially implicated in her death. All she wanted was to trend on Twitter. Is that too much to ask?


New Filmmaker

Award of Excellence:

(Short Love) (9:56) Valentina Vincenzini - Italy
Giulia and Lorenzo are two Italians at their first date, drinking an espresso in New York City. After a while Lorenzo becomes impatient and spills the beans: he really likes Giulia but he is concerned about the little time they have together since they are in a low budget independent short film.

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