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The Inaugural San Francisco Film Award Winners: February 2015

The San Francisco Film Awards are excited to present our first award winners.   We screened hundreds of exceptional films from around the world. Quality and creativity are celebrated in three levels of awards: Best of Show, Award of Excellence and Award of Merit.Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded as Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit or no award. 

Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry for each season. Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional filmmaking. Notable artistic and technical productions are recognized at the Award of Merit award level. No fixed number of awards are granted at any level but rather fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

Congratulations to all of the winners!


Best in Show:

to be or not to be? (1:01:00) Darya Belkina - Kazakhstan
Takhir Umarov is a performer of the leading role, student of the ‘’ARDI’’ Rehabilitation center (Association of Parents of Disabled Children). In real life he dreams to become an actor. His diagnosis is Cerebral palsy. In addition, he is wheelchair-bound and stammers.  All roles of this film are performed by young people with disabilities. Every second of their lives is given to them by incredible struggle, which enforces them to put a question for themselves: “To be or not to be”?



Short Film

Award of Excellence:

I've just had a dream (7:25) Javi Navarro -  Spain

Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.

Sinuaria (15:00) Roberto Carta - Italy
“Sinuaria” deals with Michele Murtas, an imprisoned young man in the Asinara’s penitentiary at the end of the 70s. He have a talent for the hairdressing and all the women that lives in the island loves him for that.

Amontilado (14:02) Carolina Gómez de Llarena - France
Paris, 2015. On the hunt for a precious Sherry, two wine connoisseurs venture down into a cellar, but what they find is more than what they bargained for.

Award of Merit:

Awaken (18:38) Bruce Sze Han Chen - US
Sophie wakes up from a dream that her mother, Diana, is in a prairie singing a beautiful song for her. She is in a huge, confined factory and there are a lot of sleeping workers. The sleeping workers are sleeping, but they are still working unceasingly. Sophie wants to search for her mother in the factory. However, they enter a trap planned by the ruler of factory, Derek. When she is almost caught, the captain of the guards, Robert, saves her. He gives Sophie Diana’s diary and tells her Diana died. After Sophie reads Diana’s diary, she decides to wake the sleeping workers and escape the factory like her mother did.

Madness (9:57) Shannon Kohli, Michelle Brezinski , Michael Khazen - Canada
In 1348, as the Black Death hung itself over England, a medieval woman would attempt to snatch her husband from his unjust grave only to be plagued by something far worse than death itself.

Button Eyes (18:00) Marlom Nascimento -  Brazil
Dora and Miguel always lived alone in the countryside. They have an isolated small house far away from the city. After so many years together they didn't have much more to talk to each other. But when Miguel finds Julia, a young girl lost near the farm, their lives will change completely.


Honorable Mention:

This Is Not a Portrait (9:07) Patrick Shanahan - US
Paul is a bartender. Paul is an artist. One pays. The other does not. This film explores the struggle between and the balance of Paul's world. Can he be both? Or is he just a bartender? Or just an artist?

Focus (10:00) Matt Chesin - US
Through a series of unfortunate events, a young girl stumbles upon a camera lens that possesses a very mysterious power. Through this lens, the photographer is able to see into the past of its previous owners. A new acquaintance becomes an old friend in a friendship that spans two lifetimes. 

20 meters of love in Montmartre (4:40) Pierre Gaffié - France
4 lonely women in Paris find a secret connection between them. Not only through their faces but also through their arts...




Feature Film

Award of Excellence:

Time Teens: The Beginning (1:58:00) Ryan Dewar - United Kingdom
Time travel exists. William is a Tourasaiche (pilgrim time traveler) in charge of policing time crime in Scotland. When he is sent a letter from the past telling him of a darker future, he must decide what is important to him.

Drug Mule (1:35:26) Christine Gutierrez/John Ad Castillo - Phillipines 
DRUG MULE is a film about a woman named Alyssa, portrayed by actress Carla Lopez, who was forced by the syndicate to smuggle a large amount of drugs from the Philippines into mainland China. For fear of her young daughter's life, Alyssa finds herself in a situation that could not only endanger her life, but that of her loved ones as well. 

Agnus Dei (1:50:00) Agim Sopi - Kosovo
A young man Peter, who is around thirties, lives a desperate life with his mother Maria and her husband Stojan in one village of Serbia. Peter is born in Kosova from a forbidden love between his mother Maria and the young Albanian man, but for this he is not aware Is the period of time when the relations between Serbs and Albanians are inimical, exactly is the time of the beginning of war.

Award of Merit:

One World - Different People (1:30:30) Oliver Langewitz - Germany
Hostility toward strangers, Xenophobia, Racism can be found at many places and in a lot of different ways in Germany. The film sharpens an image of migrant`s experiences with racism. Hereby it is searching for answers, how people can face discrimination and eliminate racism terms in our society.

From Seoul to Jakarta (1:58:00) Damien Dematra - Indonesia/Korea
A big K-pop competition is held in Jakarta, and a fierce fight between the contestants occurs.

Empirica (1:27:27) Patrick Shanahan - US
Empirica is a tale of estranged brothers, Duke and Wyatt. Duke,the older of the two, returns home from war to find his younger brother reliant on, and crippled by, prescription meds he's been force fed. Duke takes Wyatt away from their childhood home, and they set out in Duke's '57 Chevy on a cross country tear from North Carolina to California in search of a the American Dream...if it even still exists. Through trials and run ins, the brothers bring each other out of their social molds and learn again what it means to be alive. 

Honorable Mention:

Chasing Rainbows (1:36:00) Robert Fritz - US
Chasing Rainbows is in the tradition of New York, New York; Cabaret; and West Side Story. But its deeper influence comes from L’Orfeo (Orpheus) by Claudio Monteverdi, which is considered to be the first opera in music history. In the opera, Orpheus descends into Hades to save his wife and bring her back to life.



Award of Excellence:

Rolling Dream (21:13) Maahi Kaur - India
The story revolves around a 7 yr old girl and her small dream, who lives in a one room house in the slums of Mumbai city. On her way to her school, is a big high rise building that she sees everyday and wonders how big the houses might be and if she could ever get to see a big house. One day her school teacher gives the entire class an essay to write ,titled "My Dream", she enthusiastically writes that her dream is to go inside that building and see a big house someday.

No Sex For Fish (19:08)  - Xinwei Cui United Kingdom/Kenya
No Sex For Fish is a documentary about women and sex trading within a fishing community in Kisumu, Kenya with known high rates of HIV. It profiles several people, mostly women, who live under different circumstances – with or without a boat. Yet all, and in some ways the men themselves, face the exploitation and negative impact of massive gender inequality.

Award of Merit:

Fashion to Die For (5:36) Lynn Estomin - US
Spinning spools of colors and thread, flowing ribbons of fabric and people, frantic movement of garment workers and machines, fearful searching of rescue workers and family members, set to Ritsu Katsumata’s haunting score, create a sound and image indictment the global textile industry’s violations of human rights.

Great White Lies (50:46) Skyler Thomas - US/Australia/South Africa/New Zealand
Focusing on the Western Australian Government’s decision in January of 2014 to hunt and kill the white shark, a protected species in Australia, filmmaker Skyler Thomas visits Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand to learn more about the shark culling practices in each of those locations.  

Honorable Mention:

The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer's Together (57:00) Barbara Klutinis - US
An ode to memory: Couples diagnosed with Early Alzheimer's come to terms with their changing roles. Medical experts in Alzheimer's Disease offer their perspectives from the front lines.

One in a Million: A CJD Documentary (1:39:00) Trevor Baierl - US
A personal journey of discovery about the worldwide tragedy that is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.



Award of Excellence:

Showing Sydney (1:10:00) Edgar Muniz - US
While Tom is out of town screening 'Sydney' at film festivals, the actual Sydney decides to stay home and destroy the image Tom has of her. Determined to capture some truth or insight into his girlfriend Sydney, Tom decides to film her everyday life.

Award of Merit:

Reached an Oral Agreement (13:20) Adiamond Lee - Taiwan
Peeling off the hypocritical morality of our society, awaken sexuality. 




Award of Excellence:

Good Hands (5:40) Francisco Bendomir - Argentina
A young couple makes the unfortunate mistake of leaving their baby in the hands of a teenager.

Have You Met Miss Jones (30:00) James Di Giacomo - US
Thirty-something "widow" ANGELINA JONES, works as a fame-struck Hollywood gossip reporter hell bent on finding a father figure for her gay teenage son JOE. But Angelina is really Joe's father, who lost his mind after the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

 Award of Merit:

SWAG (12:49) Sara Shulman - UK
SWAG is a short silent comedy film about identity. David, a dull, boring and insecure office worker is lacking excitement in his life. He sees a 'cool guy' on the tube wearing a baseball cap. Later David finds himself buying a similar hat - something which is completely out of character. He becomes infatuated with it and it starts to take over his life affecting him both personally and professionally. This short silent comedy film explores how a little addition can have a big impact.

Honorable Mention:

"In Your Face" (Bill Plympton roasted by John Dilworth) (11:01) Robert Lyons - US
Shot live at Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC on November 9, 2004, this is one in a series of artist performances at the roast of animation icon Bill Plympton, hosted by the queen of mean, comedian Lisa Lampanelli. In this segment animator John Dilworth (Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dirty Birdy, The Mousachist) briliantly and hilariously decodes the hidden meanings of one of Bill's most famous films, the Academy Award nominated animated short "Your Face". Note: This is the PG rated version of the film



Award of Excellence:

17 Minutes in Texas: The Zombie Apocalypse (9:23) Trey Huguley - US
Well...maybe "apocalypse" is too strong a word. | A mockumentary about the small town in Texas where the zombie apocalypse started...and then promptly finished because of an extremely prepared citizenry that quickly stopped the zombie outbreak before it spread and the sorrow felt by those who did not get there in time to kill any zombies.


Award of Excellence:

Poverty Inc. (1:51:00) Valerie Van Cleve, Gary Null - US
Examining the influence of corporate globalization and exposing the destructive nature of our modern financial system, Poverty, Inc. offers a sobering look into how the predatory economic policies instituted by America’s new elite class have contributed to the nation’s descent into Third World status. Engrossing in-depth interviews with some of the world’s finest economists, progressive politicians, investigative reporters and philosophers, as well as the voices of America’s downtrodden reveal the terrifying threats posed by unregulated capitalism and corporate power. Poverty, Inc. is a timely wake-up call for those seeking hard-hitting answers on the economic realities facing our country and world today.

Believe (9:01) Cara Hagan -  US
Few people are as passionate about their craft as Santa Cliff Snider. Believe is a peek into Santa Cliff's life and motivation for following his passion to an unlikely career. If you don't believe in Santa Claus already, Believe, will change your mind.

Award of Merit:

The Match (15:00) Frederick Kroetsch - Canada
The Match follows two performers in a struggling independent wrestling promotion, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. It explores the impact that their vocation has on their personal lives, and the psychology behind why audiences are drawn to this pseudo-blood sport.  

Carry the Tune (1:08:00) Paul Trapkus, Elizabeth Potter - US
Across the U.S., students embark on musical journeys toward personal fulfillment as schools and society push them into paths toward financial success and economic growth. Carry the Tune shows that leaving school does not require giving up one's musical passion.
Grand Alpes (1:35:00) Andreas Bucher - Germany/France
Andreas and Jörn share a fascination for cycling. Together they plan to travel the historic Route des Grandes Alpes. Corinna and Jörn share love, for each other and cycling. All three of them set out in summer 2013 at Kilometer Zero in France at Lake Geneva to overcome 1.000 kilometer and 23.000 metres in height. A camera crew accompanies them on their journey and does not only capture the beauty of the French Alps, but also the changes that take place inside of the cyclist.

Honorable Mention:

Another Day of Mankind (17:00) Alexandru Vlad - Romania
Charles is currently a graduate student in Romania, manages to find psychological balance needed to tell the story of his bloody childhood. The documentary presents a collection of memories from a former child soldier in the Liberian Civil War, who's name is Charles Wratto and who brings them back to the light after 15 years of silence.

The Big Gold Dream (1:59:00) Grant McPhee - United Kingdom
The story of how two independent record labels, run from two small flats in Scotland would change and shape the music industry. This is the story of FAST Product and Postcard Records, two of the coolest record labels you may never have heard of.



Award of Excellence:

Preserves (9:10) B. Rich - US
A poetic journey into an Ecuadorian rainforest that contains some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth, two uncontacted tribes living in voluntary isolation and 850 million barrels of oil that will ultimately determine its future.


The Emotional Dimensions of the James River (3:09) Michelle Marquez -  US
This experimental film provides an emotional roller coaster experience that was musically and visually designed based on a neuroscience research project that correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of sounds and images with the selective triggering of emotional states. Enlighten yourself by looking at the world from your personal point of view while dreaming inside your curiosity. Michelle Marquez, a fifteen-year-old scientist and artist, conceptualized, produced and directed this short experimental film in collaboration with Patrick Gregory and music of Lincoln Mitchell. She aims to challenge the traditional division and separation between Science and Art.

Award of Merit:

Ocean (11:35) Stephanie Maxwell- US
In this film, sunlight on moving water and bottom sand reveal the infinitely animated and ever-changing world of visual compositions and events that have a charged, emotive power when presented as distinct variations and themes interwoven with the musical score. 



Award of Excellence:

Eat Me (6:37) Xiangtian Zheng - US/China
Eat Me is a student experimental film shot in Sichuan, China exploring the parallel world between a girl’s reality and psychological state. In the real world, she is perceived as a God, but in her mind, she believes that she is being abused. By using metaphors and many Bible references like the twelve men as the twelve disciples and the last dinner, the film reveals the protagonist’s inner struggle of the conflict between containing her social image and fulfilling her primary needs. The film establishes the contrast and the integration of worshipping and sexually abusing. As for “the good ones” in the society, what is really happening underneath their admirable appearance? Life is not easy, and life is not easy for everyone, including “the good ones.”

MINOTAUR ( ΜΙΝΩΤΑΥΡΟΣ) (4:53) Emy Bulloch - Greece
The myth of Minotaur given allegorically. A master narrator gives voice to Minotaur as he describes the heavy price that ancient Athens had to pay: the annual sacrifice of some of its youth, here en-boded by a mouse in the Maze. Ultimately, these kids symbolize the dreams of tomorrow that all of us have and are sacrificed in the alter of the altar of a false justice, that is reality.


Award of Merit:

Free (5:37) Robbie Lettieri - US
Robbie battled with a series of brain diseases growing up. His case was eventually pronounced life threatening, but his family would not accept what doctors assumed was the end of the road. Eventually after Robbie fought for 17 years, he had a radical brain surgery called Deep Brain Stimulation that saved his life. He now has 2 pace makers in his abdomen that run up to his brain and keep him running- like the energizer bunny! Robbie credits the struggles of his past to be his key inspiration for the present.

The Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows (33:35) Paolo Pizzi  - US
A musical journey through the human experience.



Honorable Mention:

Hippie Trail (39:37) Anira Wojan - Poland/Nepal
Neil is a divorced, chain-smoking London tabloid journalist, his Indian roots withered, long since forgotten. He travels in the footsteps of the diary of Sarah, a girl, who in the early 70s traveled to Nepal. It is there, where Neil realizes that everything in a human nature and around is a subject of perpetual transformation, and the only constant value is love. Meeting with Sara's daughter he transforms his feelings and understanding of his own daughter, abandoned far away in a London acid club.


Science Fiction 

Award of Excellence:

The EVENT (7:10) Rustam Vakilov - US
Neil, in his mid 20s, awakens suddenly to a low, unearthly rumbling. As he goes about his morning routine, he begins to experience some bizarre and unnatural happenings that usher in both a cataclysmic end, and a brilliant new beginning.

Helio (19:50) Teddy Cecil - US
On the eve of a rebel uprising in a dystopian underground society, one miner finds the key to freedom and attempts to escape before the hostile government kills him first.

Award of Merit:

The Wheel of Time (11:57) Kagan Kerimoglu - Turkey
In a world where humans believe to possess immortality, but are actually secretly murdered by the government, a hacker struggles to inform others about the danger through a secret network that he created. When government finds out about his actions, he becomes their next target.

Progress: Ask A Cam Harlot (11:44) Michael Dana Wells, Nicole Wright, Berna Roberts, and Armando Saldanamora - US
Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and our fearless camgirl answers questions from her fans -- with rather silly or murderous results.  Ask A Cam Harlot is a spin-off of Progress the series. It's a Victorian Vlog style series where Lila De Clide (of Progress) answers fan questions about love, life and the Internet with the help of some of her "friends."

Honorable Mention:

Robot Dreams Made Flesh (4:36) Robert Lyons - US
An optical FX experiment combining time lapse photography with in-camera multiple exposures on 16mm film using Bolex cameras and an Oxberry animation stand. The subject is model maker/animator Michael Sullivan at work on his stop motion opus "The Sex Life of Robots". The music is "Five" by the Hadron Big Bangers.


Disability Issues 

Award of Excellence:

The Imperfect Cradle (18:00) Mário Ventura - Portugal
This is a story about complicity between two childhood friends. It's a game looking for emotions and sensations which are tried to be found by words. But the way they look at each other is stronger. The silence takes place and a firm friendship becomes something unexplainable that they will discover together.

Variations (23:30) Anuradha Rana and Laurie Little- US
Variations is a short documentary that weaves an intimate portrait of three virtuoso artists: wheelchair dancer Kris Lenzo; visual artist Riva Lehrer; and keyboardist Chris Foreman; as they challenge a world full of myopic views about abilities.

Invincible (1:30:00) Frederick Kroetsch and Kurt Spenrath  - Canada
An inspiring TV series about a quadruple amputee and his adventures.


Award of Merit:

"Hans" (9:10) Harris Cohen - US
Ten year old Hans Roenau, and his family. had to flee Vienna, Austria in 1938 when the Nazis invaded. They sought refuge in Shanghai, China only to face that country's occupatoion by the Japanese.  Despite the disruption of his childhood Hans grew up with a sunny disposition and an easy charm. Moving to Northern California as an adult, his avocation was long distance running. When, due to age, he was no long able to run he turned his talents to photography. At 84 he had a full and rewarding life as a photographer. He has been an inspiration to many, including filmmaker Harris Cohen.

Hello Tom Sullivan (17:41) David Raynor - Australia
'Hello Tom Sullivan' is about a 14 year old musician, Tom, who is going through some personal issues, being bullied and living with an abusive stepfather. By chance a 14 year old girl comes across three boys beating Tom and steps in to stop the violence.This meeting changes both their lives forever.

Like if... (4:55) Daniele Bonarini - Italy
 A special heroine must deal with a particular epidemic.  Will she  alone be able to save the earth?


Honorable Mention:

BEHIND THE GLASS WALL (1:20:58) Arunaraje Patil - India
The film is an attempt to understand the world of the autistic - to become aware of their inability to socialise and communicate with the world followed by their own frustration and the frustration of the people that live with them. The film showcases the situation in Maharashtra which is very much a representation of the lack of awareness in India.

I'm Star (1:44:00) Damien Dematra - Indonesia
Mella, a bright seventeen year old high school student. She experienced a tragic moment when her little autistic sister died in a car accident when they were just kids. The family lives under the dark shadow of guilt and remorse, until one day, Mella's school decide to accept a group of autistic students to study there as part of inclusion policy. 



Award of Excellence:

Eggplant (7:40) Yangzi She - US
Durian was born with his facial expressions opposite to everyone else.The film shows a time span of this little boy growing into a young adult, by displaying milestones in both his real life and his imaginary world.

A MUSICAL LIFETIME - allegro (3) ERWAN LE GAL - France
From the cradle to the grave, a life in music. Black and white cartoon for the violinist Hilary Hahn. "133 at Least " composed by James Newton Howard.


Award of Merit:

Kiko is a “magician” who, with a pencil, brings his creations to life: beautiful teddy bear dolls. While in a world tour with his dolls Kiko has an airplane crash and remains trapped for twenty years on an island with only one surviving doll: Boro the teddy bear. During that time, the old man forces the little teddy bear to look for his lost magic pencil, with which he intends to draw his wife into life. When finally the little bear finds the pencil and gives it to Kiko, the old man realizes the loneliness of Boro and with his last breath draws a couple for the doll.

Starfinders! (13:59) David Junesok Lee  - Korea
Vicious starfinder Vivian steals and sells baby stars. Right at the time Vivian was about to introduce a new Golden baby star to the public, she found out that the star was stolen by a thief. It is a fantastic space journey to rescue Baby star by Thompson, the Liar dog who claims to be a Great thief and Emma an innocent and naive comic book mania.

The Magic Train (1:27:00) Joe Chang - China
The story of Magic Train was based on a girl called Lin Lin, who was an American Born Chinese and brought up overseas. During her trip to China on a traveling train, she had experienced series of amazing things from what she saw in China. The film was particularly concerned about different aspect of artistic levels. From the unique style and technique of animation, the film had shown the humanistic feelings from the combination of Chinese traditional cultural and modern life. It also had a lot of entertainment and artistic affection, too.


San Francisco

Award of Excellence:

Postera (17:59) Zak Cedarholm, The Poet Azeem - US
A tribute to the unruled sovereign spirit within us all.
It's raw emotional truth, balanced on the thin line between fact and fiction. Telling an uninhibited and uniquely triumphant story of a modern misfit on an alternative path.

Award of Merit:

San Francisco, the city that knows how (1:02:00) Laureline Amanieux, Luca Chiari - US/France
San Francisco, considered as a piece of art and seen through the eyes of its contemporary artists (writers, musicians, street artists, poets and illustrators) and its committed communities. Nicknamed « the city that knows how » during the 1910’s, San Francisco doesn’t stop attracting gold searchers and art diggers. Since the fifties it has been home to the counterculture, the place of utter freedom in sexuality and identity. But is San Francisco still the city where one goes to reinvent himself and to reinvent art and society? Faced with gentrification and the « tech generation », does its culture still inspire the rest of the world ? Or is it in danger of losing its soul?  

Love Me Tenderloin (1:10:37) Henri Quenette - USA  
The Tenderloin is the last refuge for elderly, disabled and low-income working people striving to stay in the city. At the same time, we’re talking to people about how much love there is among the residents of this neighborhood. Love Me Tenderloin shows the everyday life of four inhabitants living in the Tenderloin: Bridchette, Arnold, Woody and Indian Joe.


Faith or Spiritual

Award of Excellence:

Pechorin (1:36:46) Roman Khrushch - Russia
Based on the Russian classic Mikhail Lermontov novel “The Hero of Our Time.”   All events shown as they are reflected in the mind of the dying hero, as a series of irrevocable mistakes and interpreted anew: it is either reconsideration or repentance. Recollections make main hero torment himself over his own past pretenses that seem ridicules now agonize and despair over his perfect indifference to everything except himself, see the horrible aspect of killing his friend, a greenhorn and a show-off. The final action of an intelligent and outstanding man is judging oneself without mercy.

Village Boy (1:45:00) Damien Dematra - Indonesia
The little Syafii Maarif struggled to survive in order to get higher education in the culture where education is considered irrelevant. The setting is between 1930s to 1950s in West Sumatra during the period of Indonesia Independence. Later after overcoming all his obstacles, Syafii Maarif became one of the most influential figure in Indonesia and was able to get his Doctoral scholarship in University of Chicago. He was also the Chairman of Muhammadiyah, an Islamic organization with 35 millions followers but was well-known among other religions as the true leader for Peace and Pluralism. Constantly he fights against extremism and fundamentalism in Islam.

Award of Merit:

Sometimes Virtual (1:35:00) ramin lebastchi - Canada/Iran
Kevin a Canadian decides to leave everything behind to search for his friend Amir who everyone believe its his imaginary friend and believed to be lost and dead in Iran. The journey takes him to mysterious desert and mountains of Iran. Inspired from Rumi and Shams, Kevin found his purposes of this adventure that he of in search of himself not Amir. Seeking enlightenment leads him to his inner self source of power to save a Amir's child from superstitious believe of tribes. A journey

Decoding Baqtun (1:31:00)  Elisabeth Thieroit- US/Mexico
Documentary depicting Mayan Calendar messages through decoding the repetitive cycles that affect humanity and planetary events.



 Student Filmmaker

Award of Excellence:

For the Records (7 :00) Anuradha Rana - US
Told through three first person narratives, For The Records takes its audience on a journey into lived experience of psychological disorders, particularly OCD, ADD, and Anorexia Nervosa.


Delicacy (14:07) Helen Curran - United Kingdom
"Delicacy" is a psychological horror set during the British retreat to Dunkirk, WWII. Severely injured Sergeant Thompson finds himself at the mercy of inexperienced Private Barnes. Trapped with no resources, both must survive until Barnes can dig them out.

Award of Merit:

After Dark (14:04) Cem Balaban - Turkey
The family of a little girl was slaughtered. She managed to escape from the carnage and years later she turns back to the house. The sun goes down, the dark falls. Will she take her revenge until the next dawn ?

The Spoon (22:10) Mladjen Minic - Serbia
In war occupied country, two soldiers are trying to find safe road and bring food to to the wounded soldiers in their company.


The Getaway (13:00) Cedric Messemanne - France
While on a getaway with his girlfriend, a young man sees a stray dog walking by the forest and will then give in to some dark childhood memories of his, throughout this beautiful day.

Honorable Mention:

No One's Own (12:35) Bradley Davis, Roxanne Rejfek, Natasha Richards - US
Isolated in remorse, it is only when Leon confronts himself for a choice he made, that he can find personal solace.

Inside Cleopatra (Episode One) (29:23) Bence Bardos - United Kingdom
In this five episode long student mini-series university drama student Tommy accepts a challenge of sleeping with all five of his female classmates. He is forced to face his inner demons as he goes too far.

Relevance! (6:35) Storm Garner - US
A young music theory professor and classical composer struggles to avoid the flirtatious gaze of his suddenly-famous folk-singer student, while navigating the demands of his new department chair, whose philosophy of art would relegate him and his work to the realm of irrelevance.


New Filmmaker

Award of Excellence:

The dead bird (15:44) Damian Overton - Australia
Jake and his younger brother Nick are isolated by the small rural town they live in. Their father is a violent and unforgiving man. Jake holds on tightly to the belief that one day he will be able to leave. Jake’s latest attempt to escape is thrown into chaos when he has an unexpected and brief encounter with Mila, a strange and beautiful girl he meets in the forest. This strange girl has an unusual connection with the Ravens she believes come to her. A suitcase with its own story, a dead bird and a rifle, all collide in this unconventional story about escape and the power of belief.

Second Glance (6:20) Ryan Adams - US
This short film takes a look at how a man deals with the loss of his long time wife, and how other people react to him in his grief. It takes a look at how people judge others without consideration of what their full story maybe.  


Award of Merit:

CAPSTONE (20:00) Freedom Hopkins - US
An artist happens upon a canvas that eats everything he paints on it. His only conclusion is that the next piece he paints must be the absolute best of all time.


Honorable Mention:

A woman goes to an audition for a chance to get a leading part. What could go wrong?


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